The Staff and the Volunteers of Handy Circle Resource Society would like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas  and To The Businesses Who supported  the Society in the year 2018 and see you all in the New Year.



By Handy Circle Resource Society

Christmas APPRECIATION Lunch

The handy Circle Resource Society’s staff, board members and volunteers  is going to have a Christmas Appreciation  Lunch in Dec. at China Cup


Chinese food



By Handy Circle Resource Society

Christmas Craft fair

Another successful year !!!!!!!!!!for the Christmas Craft fair, ,thanks to all the staff and volunteers for their help with all of the fair this year, and also we would thank Ken Biron again for all his hard work being the MC again.

Thank you for Supporting the Handy Circle Resource Society.


By Handy Circle Resource Society

Loonie Auction

Another successful year for the Loonie Auction at AIMHI ,we would like to thank all of the staff and volunteers for all of their help, we would also like to thank Ken Biron for  hi  MC work again.

Thanks for supporting Handy Circle Resource Society


By Handy Circle Resource Society

Lost of a friend

The staff and the volunteers of Handy Circle Resource  Society feels so sorry to lose a friend like Shelly McKinley, we all feel so bad for the McKinley family losing their daughter and Sister,we having a memorial on November5 at 490 Quebec Street in the board room  at 12pm to 3pm there is going to be refreshment  and  we will discuss good memories.



By Handy Circle Resource Society

Black Diamond Bowling Alley

Hi everyone the Back Diamond Bowling alley is updated it is now easier for all people can gain access now the bowling has a ramp to get in the building, they will have a pool table and everything new including a new kitchen.




By Handy Circle Resource Society


The Next Golden Age Social will be Wednesday  October, 10th at 2:00pm to       4:00pm At Civic Centre

See you there

By Handy Circle Resource Society


The staff and the Volunteers of the Handy Circle Resource Society would like to wish all of the  businesses and their families a very happy Thanksgiving



By Handy Circle Resource Society


In the future Sylvan will be offering a new program that is designed to accommodate the needs of young adults who are living with developmental delays. Participate and parents /caregivers will have a voice in curriculum contract.

The program will consist of basic life skill-based communication and math, as well as social life and safety skills.

Topics may include:

– Calendars updates

– Current events

– Reading disccusion


– math games

– Preparation of snacks

– seasonal crafts/activities

– Guest speakers

– and more based on the suggestion of participants or as the needs arises.

Initially the program will be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00am to 11:00am. Once established the hours may be increased to three hours per session,from 9:00 am to 12:00pm. Tuition will increased, if hours are increased.

The program is a membership program, running month to month requiring a minimum of 4 members.

Tutors: $150.00 per month

if needed, it will be the participant”s responsibility to provide a support worker.

if you intend to enroll your son or daughter please call Darcie st 250-5627311 by September 4 so that we can set up an appointment to complete the enrollment process and discuss any individuals needs


Learning centre

By Handy Circle Resource Society