Thanks To The Boston Pizzas

Thanks for all your donations for the loonie auction  and all your support

Boston Pizza

102-841 Central St W
Boston Pizza
2500 Vance Rd
(250) 562-1414
Open ⋅ Closes 12 a.m.
Boston Pizza
By Handy Circle Resource Society


fraudBeware of tax fraud schemes If you get a call or email that sounds like a scam it probably is.

When the CRA contacts you,  it makes sure your personal information is protected.

The CRA will never:

. ask for personal information by email or text message:

.request payment by prepaid credit card:

.Share your tax information with another person or Organization, Unless you have agreed that it can be shared:

.leave personal information on an answering machine:

. threaten or use nasty language .

.When in doubt check my Account or call 1-800-959-82181

. To learn more about your personal income tax and benefit information,

and to manage your tax affairs online.

go to

For information on scams or to report deceptive telemarketing,  contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC) online at

or toll free at 1-888-495-8501. If you believe you may be the victim of fraud or have given personal or financial information by mistake contact your local police service

For more information go to



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Support DABC

About us.  Our mission is to support people with all disabilities to live with dignity, independence and as equal,  full participants in the community . We champion issues impacting the lives of people with disabilities through our direct services community,  partnerships advocacy research and publications

FRONT LINE SERVICES Our Advocacy Access Program provides one on one assistance with provincial and federal (Canada Pension Plan Disability ) income supports and other benefits

Our TAX AID DABC program helps PWD and PPMB recipients to file their income taxes year round Access RDSP helps people with the Disability Tax Credit and with opening a Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) Our projects respond to community need and increase people’s ability to participate and contribute

Growing Partnerships  We stay connected with a large network of community organizations across BC and regularly provide them with updates about issues of importance to the disability community

Free PUBLICATIONS We publish a range of capacity building self-help   guides and advocate resources in reader friendly language Resources are provided free of charge either by mail or from our website:

Thanks to Emily Paterson for this and Stephanie Dix for writing it on the blog.



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Loonie Auction

Another year of Loonie Auction it is a Two Day Event  Doors open Saturday October.26th 2019 Ticket sales starts at 10AM to 4PM , and Doors Open: Sunday October .27th Ticket Sales starts at 10AM to 2PM or until the Prizes are gone  Draws Starts at 2Pm Sharp Sunday October.27th  Location: 950 Kerry Street, PG  250-563-1852

How it works tickets are $1.00 each  . place your ticket or tickets  in the BAG  next to items you wish to win!  . That’s IT



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Cando Event

\Another successful year for Cando Event, stationary musical chairs, wheel of prizes,bingo,tattooing,nail, Elvis impersonator( Robert Saunders)

Thanks to Peggy Jo and John Zettle for being the DJ.  Thanks to all the volunteers and Ken Biron for being our MC all night, and  thanks to our guest speaker from the office of the Mayor’s  .(Terry McConnachie).  Plus the dinner was fabulous , We at the handy Circle Resource Society would like to thank the staff at the Civic Centre  for their hospitality.


feindshipfire works



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Karan Lands Her “Dream Job”

A Working Together Success

Karan has cerebral palsy, which mainly affects her legs. She wanted help creating a strong resume and overcoming her anxiety related to her job search. That is how she joined our Working Together Program.

Working Together Participant, Karan

Shortly after, Karan was contacted for an interview at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. But she didn’t feel ready yet.

Working Together staff helped Karan prepare for potential interview questions as well as disclosing her disability. Along the way, she also learned about crafting effective resumes and cover letters. And she landed the job!

“I was really happy that I got my dream job straight out of my program,” says Karan, adding, “I am very grateful and thankful that Neil Squire’s services exist.”

Visit our website to read Karan’s success story.

By Handy Circle Resource Society


On August.22,2019 all day will be a ms day at A&W every 2.00 you spend on a hamburger goes towards Ms cause research ,we are going to having silent auctions, contests and etc. hope to see you all there  donating, it is a good cause and thank you all for coming out for your  support,


Fighting MS



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Loonie Auction

We are having our yearly Loonie Auction on Saturday October,19th at 10:00am to 4:00opm am Sunday October.20/2019 at 10:00am to 3:00pm  at 950 Kerry St.

for any information  pleas do not Hesitate in phoning 250-563-1852

By Handy Circle Resource Society