Lost of a friend

The staff and the volunteers of Handy Circle Resource  Society feels so sorry to lose a friend like Shelly McKinley, we all feel so bad for the McKinley family losing their daughter and Sister,we having a memorial on November5 at 490 Quebec Street in the board room  at 12pm to 3pm there is going to be refreshment  and  we will discuss good memories.



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Black Diamond Bowling Alley

Hi everyone the Back Diamond Bowling alley is updated it is now easier for all people can gain access now the bowling has a ramp to get in the building, they will have a pool table and everything new including a new kitchen.




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The Next Golden Age Social will be Wednesday  October, 10th at 2:00pm to       4:00pm At Civic Centre

See you there

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The staff and the Volunteers of the Handy Circle Resource Society would like to wish all of the  businesses and their families a very happy Thanksgiving



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In the future Sylvan will be offering a new program that is designed to accommodate the needs of young adults who are living with developmental delays. Participate and parents /caregivers will have a voice in curriculum contract.

The program will consist of basic life skill-based communication and math, as well as social life and safety skills.

Topics may include:

– Calendars updates

– Current events

– Reading disccusion


– math games

– Preparation of snacks

– seasonal crafts/activities

– Guest speakers

– and more based on the suggestion of participants or as the needs arises.

Initially the program will be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00am to 11:00am. Once established the hours may be increased to three hours per session,from 9:00 am to 12:00pm. Tuition will increased, if hours are increased.

The program is a membership program, running month to month requiring a minimum of 4 members.

Tutors: $150.00 per month

if needed, it will be the participant”s responsibility to provide a support worker.

if you intend to enroll your son or daughter please call Darcie st 250-5627311 by September 4 so that we can set up an appointment to complete the enrollment process and discuss any individuals needs


Learning centre

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Garbage Day

On the garbage day, for the people with disabilities who has trouble with wheeling the garbage can down to the bottom of the driveway, the Garbage men or woman can come to the door and wheel the garbage can for you and empty it and then get it back to yougarbage can

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The volunteers and the staff of Handy Circle Resource Society gives our hearts out to all of the families in their hour of need we will all keep them in our prayers and We all hope that everything gets better soon. Our Hearts goes out to you all.


Postive thinking 2





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Neil Squire Society Update: July 2018
Neil Squire Society logo, image of a man in a wheelchair on a busy sidewalk

Neil Squire Society

“I no longer need to work from home”

A Technology@Work Success

Spinal muscular atrophy is a progressive condition that weakens a person’s muscles. When David was diagnosed with it, his doctors believed he wouldn’t live past the age of two.

Technology@Work Participant, David

“I’ve always been an overachiever. As you can see, not only have I lived past the age of 2 but I have thrived,” says David on his website.

Over forty years later, David is working as a Quality Assurance Analyst at a company that creates digital health apps that use behavioral psychology and gamification to help people follow their prescribed health routines.

David experiences pain on a daily basis. He uses a power wheelchair with a joystick to get around. When he takes public transit to work, it expands his 8-hour workday to 11 hours. Because of this, he would find himself working from home quite often.

David applied to Technology@Work hoping to make his van wheelchair-accessible. He received funding towards vehicle modifications, enabling him to use his van as a passenger. Now, David is able to commute to work every day.

“I have more confidence, feel better about myself and I have some more freedom financially to do some of the things I have always wanted to do. If some assistive technology will help you achieve or improve your employment, Technology@Work can help you!”

Visit our website to read David’s success story.

“I have my life back!”

A Computer Comfort Success

In 1998, Diann underwent treatment which included a strong pharmaceutical that affected her brain. “I never really recovered,” she says. “I found myself dealing with depression, anxiety, and chronic fatigue.”

a woman using a laptop

As Diann was on the path to recovery, she started going to school. However, she fell down a flight of stairs and suffered a major brain trauma. She learned to walk and talk again on her own, but she felt lost and found herself homeless and poor.

At that time, a friend told her about the Neil Squire Society and strongly advised her to reach out. “From the very minute I walked into Neil Squire, my life began to evolve. For the first time, I felt I was not treated like I was ‘different’,” she remembers.

Alongside meetings with her case manager, Diann started attending Computer Comfort classes once a week, where she worked on developing basic computer skills. “I looked so forward to Fridays,” she says. “It was everything to me. One day a week was bringing my life back.”

With the help of the Neil Squire Society, Diann secured a job as a Medical Office Assistant.  Her Computer Comfort lessons were pivotal in being able to learn the computer system used in the doctor’s office.

“Neil Squire literally changed my life,” says Diann. “I have my life back! I am working now, something I was afraid I could never do. I have confidence and I feel worthwhile.”

Visit our website to read Diann’s success story.

Jessica Meets a Huge Goal

A Working Together Success

Jessica, who has cerebral palsy, was fresh out of school with a diploma in therapeutic recreation. After a year of looking for work on her own, she decided she needed help.

Working Together participant, Jessica

Although she is able to do “about 97% of everything” on her own, Jessica’s condition does affect her physical ability at work. After expressing her frustration with finding a job, Jessica learned about the Neil Squire Society’s Working Together Program through a friend.

Through Working Together, Jessica built on the skills she had hoped to learn, and started applying to jobs. One job in particular caught her eye: Guest Services Representative at Coquitlam Centre. “I had a love for Coquitlam Centre. I don’t know why, I just always felt connected to it and I liked the atmosphere. So when a job came up last year, I applied – and I didn’t get the job.”

This did not deter Jessica, who spent time further honing her skills. To her surprise, the same job was reposted exactly a year later. This time, she applied and successfully landed the position. She instantly realized that the role would fit her like a glove.

“Without the Neil Squire Society, none of this would have been possible,” says Jessica. “I’m really grateful and I think that the Neil Squire Society is a wonderful organization that actually cares and prepares somebody to be in the workforce with tools that stick with you, so that you can use them on a constant basis and in the future. I’m really thankful.”

Visit our website to read Jessica’s success story.

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Another year of BCNE !! is coming to the fair grounds on August. 16th,2018 and again Handy Circle Resource Society will be having a tables with our games as last year just as the wheel  of fun, hope to see you all at our table.



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