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About us.  Our mission is to support people with all disabilities to live with dignity, independence and as equal,  full participants in the community . We champion issues impacting the lives of people with disabilities through our direct services community,  partnerships advocacy research and publications

FRONT LINE SERVICES Our Advocacy Access Program provides one on one assistance with provincial and federal (Canada Pension Plan Disability ) income supports and other benefits

Our TAX AID DABC program helps PWD and PPMB recipients to file their income taxes year round Access RDSP helps people with the Disability Tax Credit and with opening a Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) Our projects respond to community need and increase people’s ability to participate and contribute

Growing Partnerships  We stay connected with a large network of community organizations across BC and regularly provide them with updates about issues of importance to the disability community

Free PUBLICATIONS We publish a range of capacity building self-help   guides and advocate resources in reader friendly language Resources are provided free of charge either by mail or from our website:

Thanks to Emily Paterson for this and Stephanie Dix for writing it on the blog.



By Handy Circle Resource Society

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