In late 2016, StopGap Prince George (SGPG) partnered with The Tetra Society Chapter in Prince George (TPG).  With that partnership, SGPG now does residential entrances with a single step.  We’re always looking for donations and volunteers to assist with the construction of the ramps and help TPG with their projects. This post includes a link so you can ask TPG about other helpful items they can help you with, they think outside the box to help those of us with a disability live a normal life and (for StopGap Ramps) businesses to help those of us with mobility issues.  To date, TPG has provided a few ramps to residences.  Feel free to ask them about it.  For any of their services (and now that includes StopGap projects for homes and businesses) please use the following form behind this jump to contact the area representative.  We thank you for your support and so does TPG



A “Door Jamb” ramp to overcome a problem noticed as a walker (the mobility aid) tipped over entering at the old location of 3 Sisters Rock and Gem on 15th.

StopGap Canada was introduced to Handy Circle around 2013 by Mr. Ralph Allen. While he was our Facilitator, and in partnership with the College of New Caledonia’s carpentry department we deployed several ramps to the community. 2 places on 4th Ave just off of Quebec St towards George St, Alison’s Embroidery and Les Beaux Visages got the first ones. Alison also displays a sign beside the door to make patrons aware she has one and provides a phone # to contact and deploy. Around the corner on Dominion street, the location vacated by LSD Clothing has a ramp, longer than the rest that we presented to Lisa, proprietor of that former PG business. We also gave one to Tops and Bottoms on 2nd and Victoria and another shorter ramp to the to former location of 3 Sisters Rock and Gem on 5th Ave. those were the last ones that we did with the College, 2013 to 2015 during our initial run. We hope the businesses that no longer reside in the buildings left the ramps for new businesses as they are custom made for the building and patrons, not the individual owner or user. We have the same hope for residences that will get one.

One barrier to the StopGap Ramps was a civic restriction about a $3,000,000 insurance policy and the ramp must not be left outside unattended on a public sidewalk. The restriction does not apply for ramps that do not occupy the public sidewalk. The City of Prince George does generously forgive the cost of the temporary use permit needed to deploy the ramp even for the brief time it is to be deployed. They explained that if a person is injured by the ramps, it is the city’s liability insurance that is sued outside of the store’s footprint, and the city would sue the business to recoup. Several businesses went around that restriction and silently got ramps purchased as a business expense once the business realized the need and used them discreetly. We that patronize those businesses with mobility devices, delivery and baby carriages don’t mind what the city does not know, that makes use the ramp use legal. We are always careful. Ken became Facilitator after Ralph succumbed to his illness and left the project around 2016.stopgapVince, Alison, Ralph, Lorraine and Ken presenting a ramp at Alison’s Embroidery, 1142 4th Ave

Update 2019 November:

Stopgap Prince George partnered with the Home Depot in Prince George in late 2019 for our second attempt at making our city more inclusive and accessible.  It’s the next phase of our evolution before major renovations.  Speedy ramps around the city.  This hasn’t happened in our past, but the future is unwritten.  Our procedure is now to contact the Manger of the Lumber department who will construct the ramps in record time, and the only holdup I foresee is someone to drive to Home Depot and bring the ramp to Handy Circle for deployment.   We then will contact the business who requested the ramp.  An update yet to come will have the next ramp to be deployed at3 Sister’s Rock And Gem on 4th Ave.  That will test the time from ordering to the building becoming accessible.  Stay tuned for Re-Launch 2020!. Epic futures!


By Handy Circle Resource Society

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