Wednesday May.16th  all the Volunteers of Handy Circle had a tiles workshop  for the anniversary of Canada We painted lots of tiles for everyone to see around Canada.



By Handy Circle Resource Society


Our volunteer Stephanie Dix is having a sign language workshop on 1-3pm every Thursdays. in the boardroom at 101-490 Quebec Street. and the workshop is free

if anyone is interested contact Stephanie (C) 250-981-9701


sign language

By Handy Circle Resource Society


Thanks to everyone who made this year’s Cando event just another success at the Civic Centre, including the Fishing Pond which is the new activity for The Cando Committee would like to Thank the Civic Centre  staff who made us  feel welcome ,  we also like to say a big  thanks to the Mayor Lynn Hall and thank to Handy Circle Resource Society Volunteers for helping this event success and to the Art of Magic  we had a blast with the Kereokee , would also like to thank the Royal Purple Elastic For another great performance and The Cando Committee Celeste Veld, Jade Young and Lorraine Young for organizing the Event. and Ken B for the M.C f or a fantastic  Job,  we would like to thank to  Auto Magic for their donation, one of our  Volunteers Stephanie won the jacket.


By Handy Circle Resource Society