Tonight as I was on the transit heading home on 55  on route we picked up an elder citizen woman with a walker who wanted to Super Store , we on route to Lands down turn around the woman then said to the bus driver that she wanted to go stop off after she couldn’t see the bell. After that he was nice enough to go around the Lands down turn around then the bus driver turned off the out of service sign then go to the route where the 46 usually goes to the Super Store for her then after that he turn on the the regular route to take the other woman home on Victoria Street then off to the normal route to downtown then around to my stop to go home. I just want to say Thanks  to the transit.

By Handy Circle Resource Society

The Fair

On  Thursday August 18th at the BCNE  in the Kin three Handy Circle Resource Society had a booth with 50/50 draws  and the history wheel. We would Like to thank everyone who volunteered at the table including Kim, Ken,Stephanie,Shirley,Kaitlyn and especially a huge  thanks to Judy who helped setting up and putting things away. We had a another successful year, we made over $100 thanks to all volunteer!


By Handy Circle Resource Society

Heat wave

When you are a blonde please wear hat and an sun hat and get yourselves sunscreen, there sunscreen as spray in a can looks like hair spraysunsreen

By Handy Circle Resource Society

Positive Thinking

May FlowersIf your feeling down and feeling nothing is going your way, just put up your chin and remember there is always a light at the end of every tunnel, you have loving people around to pick you up when you are down, there other ways to ease your pain, like a mirror exercise just say“Like myself, I am beautiful or handsome and people love me, gosh darn I am a wonderful`

By Handy Circle Resource Society