Citizen Carrier month of the year

Our volunteer has been 6 months and it takes only 45 minutes for delivery, and  her favorite food is pizza, her favorite television show is Little people big world and her favorite music is Pearl Jam why I deliver? gives me extra money & gives exercise.

Congratulations Kim

By Handy Circle Resource Society

A Testemonial of Cathy Hickman

I feel sorry for the family of Cathy Hickman in what happened to her, she was riding a horse that happens to be a bucked ONE, it kicked  her off then stomped over her ribs cracking 16 of them, and pelvis and an Ex clasped lung , I am going to miss her. she is very important to me, she has always been there for me ever since I was on the carefree bus, I hope every things going to be OK  with her. They had to her in a coma for a long time .

I just got an  up date on Cathy’s condition. and noq she is out of her coma now ,when the staff from carefree Society talked to her she is really alert

By Handy Circle Resource Society