Caregiver Networking

I think that Caregivers should know that help out there to support out there for them, Ken Biron went to Vancouver for all of us who need info on the support. The experience with caregivers I have had has been a very nice experience, I now know how difficult Caregiver’s have it, and that’s why they should know they have support out there for them, so if anyone out there need help please do not hesitate they are only there to help. We want to thank Ken Biron to bring back information from Vancouver. the information is very informative.

send this link to any caregivers you know. Perhaps it could be a blog post how support must be given to those who support Patient’s like us
By Handy Circle Resource Society

A passing of a dear friend

We¬† regretfully inform that Robert (Bob)Taschner along with His wife were a long time friends with Handy Circle Resource Society has passed away on April 29th,2015, Robert was genius, working with food, crafts and flowers.and long time supporters in Christmas Craft fairs. He loved being a vendor at the outdoor Farmer’s Market.

Robert was a very social person, He enjoyed horseshoes and his new favorite sport, Lawn Bowling.

He will surely be missed by everyone.

By Handy Circle Resource Society