Chronic Pain Self Management Program

The Chronic Pain Self Management Program is a workshop that gives you tools to manage chronic Pain and live a healthy life.Feb.14 – March 11 1:30- 4:00 pm  in the Board room of 490 Quebec Street “The programs has helped me greatly, everyday I still do the excises we learned and I pace myself now. I really enjoyed it”.

“it gave me some very practical approaches to getting things done and I am now able to get more done and in a day without getting tired “. Action plans- I really enjoyed this part. It gives us more power to set a goal we can  complete. I use this daily.

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By Handy Circle Resource Society


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May.30,2015 it starts at 4:00 the doors are open 3:30, dinner will be between 5:00 – 5:30
at CNC 12.00 for kids 26.00 for adults and disable free

By Handy Circle Resource Society