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Secretary: Anne Hogan

(250) 562-3717                                                                                                                                                                The wetlands is a very interesting project, it is enjoyable in the natures world. there is also a observation Deck for more photos for whom ever more interested in this. and the wetlands are down by the Hudson Bay  the crew worked very hard on the observation deck in early October.

Other Special Presentation Attendees: Anne Hogan
Presentation to handy circle resource society
Anne Hogan Prince George Naturalists club
She talk about the Hudson bay Slough and how people can go to it there are many ways to get to the
Slough you can get there to ways but it is a great idea to go see it are with people who are in
Wheelchair or scooter they are planning to build a ramp and other stuff they are planning to make
A trail so people can get to it from exploration place to the Hutson bay slough it is a great idea for
People who want to go for a walk there is all kinds of wild life at the Wetlands.
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Our Society works to assist people who otherwise cannot easily afford to maintain their homes to get their houses into good repairs. We acknowledge the benefits of making it possible for people to remain living in their homes as long as possible

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