The staff and the Volunteers at Handy Circle Resource Society would like to say Happy New Year to all the businesses and looking forward to doing business this year 2020new years

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The staff and the volunteers at Handy Circle Resource Society would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and also all of the businesses we supported all of the years and see you all in 2020




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Welcome to  the new session of the tea,

Wednesday. November..6/2020

Wednesday ; December.42020

Wednesday; February.19,2020

Wednesday; March,11,2020

Have fun!



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Update on money raised Loonie Auction and Christmas Craft fair

Loonie Auction Christmas Craft Fair
Table 200 Tables 340
Frame Print 25 Cookies 114
Via Rail 170 50/50 November  6th 170
50/50  Oct 26 245 50/50 November 7th 142
50/50 Oct 28 240
Loonie Tickets 2196
Raised  $  3,076.00 Raised  $         766.00
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Talking about Parkinson’s

Talking about Parkinson’s

We encourage you talk to the person with Parkinson’s and your family about how you will navigate this together Consider discussing what being a caregiver might look like now and in the future as Parkinson’s it might also be a good time to talk about future care and what each of you would like in the event that either one of you has a medical emergency and cannot speak for yourself

Changing Roles

At the beginning of the journey the relationship you share with the person with Parkinson’s may not change much You may be more of a care partner that is you are partnering together to care for one another if Parkinson’s advances to a point that reduces a person’s independence you may find yourself moving from partnering role to a care giving role it can be easy to let words like caregiver become labels that take over your identity This new role is only part of who you are as a complete person And a caregiver you also have Parkinson’s and common questions include How will care giving change my work finances independence and the dreams I had for our life How quickly will Parkinson’s progress How will my role as a partner family member or friend change as Parkinson’s progresses How can I adapt to these changes Will I have the skills and strength to do what is needed What will happen if can’t manage.

This was written by Emily patersonMay Flowers

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Christmas Craft Fair

Another Successful year the goodies sold really well and Ken Biron did a wonderful job as  Mcing  and thanks to all of  the Volunteers and staff of Handy Circle Resource Society and all the Vendors who did a wonderful Job also a big thanks to Lorraine Young with all of her Christmas Cards and Jade Young with her reborn babies.

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Another Successful year of the loonie action, thanks the the staff and the volunteers  and we would to thank Jade young for selling edibles cookie dough  and thanks to Stephanie Dix for selling the Baked goods & Thanks to Ken Biron For selling the 50/50 tickets& the MC on Sunday & thanks to Judy Dix on Saturday in selling the loonie action tickets


loonie auction

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Christmas Craft Fair

We are having another year of the Christmas craft fair On Sunday November.9th 10:00am to 4:00pm & Sunday 10:00am to 3:00pm 950 Kerry Street, Prince George  50/50 License# 115040 Draws on Nov.9th & Nov.10th. for more information (250) 563-1852





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In October, we celebrate the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)—a long-term savings plan designed to help people with disabilities prepare for their financial futures. We have created a guide for community organizations and individuals to help raise awareness and get more people informed about the RDSP. We recognize that the ability to plan for your financial future gives people the opportunity to enjoy the present and look forward to the future. So, for this month, we’re asking, how would the RDSP help you to play in your present and future? How would you #PlanToPlay?1. Add the RDSP Awareness Month sticker to your profile picture on Facebook! • Click on “Update” and then “Add Frames” on your profile picture icon. • Search “RDSP Awareness” and select one of the four options.2. Participate in our #PlantoPlay challenge by sharing a photo or video of yourself having fun or doing something you enjoy. 3. Send us your RDSP story to share the impact it’s had on your life. 4. Call your local MP to share your story, promote the RDSP, and ask if there are supports in place for people who need it. 5. Host a local event at your organization to celebrate the RDSP. 6. Share information about the RDSP with friends, family and others who may be impacted by its benefits.7. Assist someone with opening an RDSP at their local financial institution.8. Distribute the RDSP brochure to your clients, friends and family.9. Use the RDSP calculator at http://www.rdsp.com/calculator to calculate your potential earnings. 10. Connect with us by using the hashtags #RDSPAwarenessMonth #RDSP #PlanToPlay



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Committee membership includes a range of individuals with disabilities, seniors, service providers with disabled community, and interested persons from the general public with a commitment to increasing accessibility for for persons one or more of the following types of disability:

. Mobility                                           . Developmental

. Agility                                               . Mental illness

. Hearing

. Speaking

After the Rick Hanson Man in Motion Tour, Council created an advisory committee in 1987 to look at accessibility issues in our community. The Prince George Advisory Committee on Accessibility (PGACA)  strives to “remove physical and social barriers which impede the full participation of people with disabilities and seniors in all of community life.” Since its inception, PGACA has made a great deal of progress in working toward creating a barrier-free community and for universal inclusiveness for all residents. The Committee continues to provides assistance to Council regarding matters of accessibility. Representatives are involved in a number of significant initiatives related to transportation, housing, infrastructure and recreation. Council is most appreciative of PGACA advice on addressing the needs of those individuals with special needs.I admire the dedication of those who volunteer on the committee and on behalf of my Council colleagues I extends our thanks to the PGACA members for their valued contributions toward enhancing the quality of life for all residence of Prince George. The Prince George Advisory Committee on Accessibility (PGACA) is a Council Committee that services to provide advice to Council and solicit feedback from the community on matters which effect persons with disabilities,seniors,those with access issued and all citizens. The committee works cooperatively with Civic Departments and other Committees,Commission and Boards whose activities may effect persons with disabilities. The committee seeks to provide expertise and advice on directions for the future planning of municipal services, programs and facilities to ensure full participation of all persons. The Committee works hard to ensure that persons with disabilities, seniors and  those with access issues are aware of the committee’s existence and mission to identify and overcome social and physical barriers.






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