Another successful year for the loonie auction !  Thanks  to all the volunteers who helped to put this auction together and congratulations to the winners!  This year for snacks Jade Young made some Minions cupcakes for $2.00 each  and we made $46.00 for the snacks sold. and also we would to thank Ken who did a wonderful job as the MC.











By Handy Circle Resource Society

Loonie Auction

Two Day Event Door Open: Saturday October .14th 2017 – Tickets sales starts at 10am to 4pm and Doors open: Sunday October .15th 2017 Tickets sales at 10 am to 4pm  How it Works : Buy a ticket or more for $1.00 put the tickets in a BAG next to the item to WIN!  That’s IT call for more  information 250-563-1852 50/50 Draw each day Win up $500.00

Draw Starts at 2pm SHARP

LOCATION 950 Kerry Street PG

to see itemsfile-1



By Handy Circle Resource Society


The Christmas Craft fair will be on  November 5th and 6th  Saturday and Sunday, there is 50/50 draw $1.00 each  and there is a bake sale: Muffins,popcorn, water,coffee and tea for those want it. Hope to see everyone there.



By Handy Circle Resource Society


Another success for this year’s jump in fall fashion show, this year it was held at the Handy Circle Resource Society board room. Many Thanks for a job well done, especially a great big thanks to Kathy Rohl and Lorraine young and all of the volunteers who helped, We like to thank the Canadian Super Store, Alia TanJay, the Bay and Northern Reflection for their contribution for it’s success. Thanks to all the models who participated, we also would like to say to Shirley Bond for being our MC this year.



By Handy Circle Resource Society


This year’s MS day was an success, A&W was really packed out by Walmart and even in town, everyone turned out and there was even vintage cars there also, great time had by all. There was also a silent auction and a radio station there and a lot of info about MS



By Handy Circle Resource Society


Every year at August.24th There is a Event called MS day. at every Location AW with every hamburgers you by you donate $1.00 for MS.


Fighting MS

By Handy Circle Resource Society

THE BCNE (PGX) – 2017

The Handy Circle Resource Society had a booth at the BCNE and we had  50\50 tickets and a free door prizes and We would like to congratulate Judy Dix for winning this year’s  50\50. Fun time had by all.28451174633_b35d56db1e_z


By Handy Circle Resource Society

Handy Circle Resource Society


Sunday Sept.10th 1PM to 3PM Tickets $10.00 Senior’s 65 + $5.00  Location 490 Quebec Street All Ticket Holders will receive Goodie BAGS  , Door Prizes,.  Silent Auction  Avon

and Designer Purses Sold at this event

50/50 DRAW WIN UP TO $500.00

Limited Tickets Sold: 250-563-1852








By Handy Circle Resource Society

Handy Circle Resource Society

We provide Workshops / Seminars / Conferences on topics such as Financial Security, Housing,Transportation,Entertainment and Self-Help Skills etc. 

We provide Basic Computer and Office Skills Training.

We have FREE Craft Workshops twice per month.

and we di your taxes also

Office Hours: Monday to Thursday 9am to 4pm.

By Handy Circle Resource Society


We had quite a awesome  eight days of concerts from the wonderful people from the city from the 150th Birthday of Canada, We the public would like to thank the worship Mayor Lynn Hall for helping to  put this wonderful concert on for the citizens. It was a Blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the eight day event

By Handy Circle Resource Society